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The Fuji Shunkei series features a lineup of new fountain pens inspired by the seasonal scenery of Fuji. Scenic views pair well with beautiful Japanese words. The breathtaking landscapes coupled with the depth of the words create a stunning world view. The goal of the Fuji Shunkei series is to express such a view through fountain pens. We aim at creating a new value through this innovative form of expression.

The second edition of the Fuji Shunkei series is "#3776 CENTURY KUMPOO (balmy breeze)." The refreshing breeze that blows through the fresh greenery reaches up into the blue sky. “KUMPOO” fountain pen expresses such pleasant seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji surrounded by blue and green colors.

The translucent turquoise body, inspired by the fresh leaves that blend into a blue sky with the sunlight coming from behind, makes a contrast with the rhodium parts to portray an image of the pleasant early summer. The flowing pattern engraved on the body, which expresses the balmy breeze “KUMPOO” that blows through the fresh greenery, has been achieved by using a processing technology applied for the first time in the CENTURY series. Reflecting the sunlight in the early summer, it emits streams of light.

A part that resembles Mount Fuji is placed at the top of the pen, expressing the wind blowing towards the towering Mount Fuji.

The cap ring is decorated with elaborate three-dimensional letters.

Each of the limited production of 2,500 pens comes with an engraved serial number.

The Platinum 3776 Century Kumpoo fountain pen has a 14kt nib and is an extraordinary example of the style, craftsmanship and advanced ingenuity of Platinum Pens, with a classic and elegant look at a highly affordable price. The pen comes packaged in an attractive presentation box, and includes both the converter to use with bottled ink and a cartridge to get you started right away!

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