Platinum Procyon Fountain Pen - Citron Yellow

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The Platinum Procyon has been designed with the best of Platinum's innovative designs.  The Slip & Seal cap keeps the nib from drying out between writing sessions, ensuring that the pen is ready to write as soon as you are. Platinum has also redesigned the feed allowing the pen to fill from nearly empty ink containers.

The Procyon also features Platinum's pentagon-shaped nib which gives a softer feel than other steel nibs.  This means the writing experience is smoother, closer to the feeling of a gold nib!

A special coating gives the aluminum pen greater texture, allowing the pen to come in several amazing colors.  Platinum has also made sure that the pen is well-balanced whether the pen cap is posted or not. 

Included with the Procyon are three specially blended cartridge colors -- Dark Violet, Aqua Emerald, and Gold Ochre.  These colors can be replicated using the included instructions with Platinum Mix-Free inks (not included). The pen can also accept a Platinum converter or standard ink cartridges with the use of a specially-designed adapter.


1 Review

Peter D. Ford III Jul 30th 2019

Stunning, Functional, Great Value

This is my 2nd Procyon; I try to match my pens to the inks I use in them, and the combination of unique design, smooth writing, stunning colors and Platinum’s slip and seal mechanism makes this a great value. The medium nib is a much smoother writing experience than the fine, yet as with most Japanese mediums the line width is thin enough for the small spaces in which I write with it. At the current price Anderson’s offering these, scoop them up!

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