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Private Reserve Electric D.C. Blue Ink (66ml Bottle)

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This 66ml glass bottle of Private Reserve Electric D.C. Blue fountain pen ink has a ridged cap for easier opening and closing. Private Reserve Electric D.C. Blue fountain pen ink is a rich, deep shade of blue. Private Reserve Ink is a small company based out of Indiana with a staff that pours, labels, and boxes the ink by hand, keeping the packaging simple and maintaining a retail price that is affordable for all fountain pen users.

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Volume - 66ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Blue

2 Reviews

Charles DeCurtis Nov 20th 2017

Fantastic sheen, deep blue ink.

Another favorite. Just remember to use good ink hygiene. Flush between fills.

Vidico Nov 20th 2017

Amazing ink

I don't understand why this ink has such "poor" reviews. One complaint I've seen is that it's not as "electric" as the name suggests it. Actually, yes, it is, but it all depends on what pen you're using. This ink is now my everyday runner in my Visconti HS.

It's a very deep and dark blue, very saturated, and that deeper shade of blue makes it look like a professional ink. However, you will notice a lot of tint variations, from deep dark-almost black-blue to dark-but-not-too-dark blue, thus a lot of shading and even a bit of sheen.

It behaves admirably on good quality paper. The dry time is a bit long, but it is to be expected with such a saturated ink. No bleedthrough nor shadowing noticed on Apica CD Premium and Clairefontaine papers.

I think this ink is often overlooked, and it's getting harder and harder to find it. Might order a second bottle soon, just in case!

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