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Private Reserve Naples Blue Ink (66ml Bottle)

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This 66ml glass bottle of Private Reserve Naples Blue fountain pen ink has a ridged cap for easier opening and closing. Private Reserve Naples Blue fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of blue. Private Reserve Ink is a small company based out of Indiana with a staff that pours, labels, and boxes the ink by hand, keeping the packaging simple and maintaining a retail price that is affordable for all fountain pen users.

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Volume - 66ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Blue

1 Review

Frank Bruno Nov 20th 2017

This Blue Almost Ends the Search!

The search for the perfect blue fountain pen ink! Many of us have been there at some point, However, years ago I acquired a bottle of Private Reserve's Naples Blue ink. I find many of their choices to be good performers and beautiful colors. I pulled out the bottle and inked a pen--my Visconti Starry Night. I was very impressed--the color is most similar to Kon Peki from Pilot Iroshizuku, and Waterman's Inspired Blue. The color is saturated and brilliant on the page, and neither too wet, nor too dry. The flow seems great and I appear to never tire from using it. In fact, my home desk and at the office each bears a bottle for quick refilling. I really like and recommend this ink highly. Now, working with Brian and Lisa Anderson is a joy. These are fountain pen people--they know their business, and offer fair prices, and excellent service. Thank you Lisa and Brian for always raising the bar of performance!

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