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Private Reserve Purple Haze Ink (66ml Bottle)

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This 66ml glass bottle of Private Reserve Purple Haze fountain pen ink has a ridged cap for easier opening and closing. Private Reserve Purple Haze fountain pen ink is a soft shade of purple. Private Reserve Ink is a small company based out of Indiana with a staff that pours, labels, and boxes the ink by hand, keeping the packaging simple and maintaining a retail price that is affordable for all fountain pen users.

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Volume - 66ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Purple

1 Review

Lori Nov 20th 2017

Favorite Shade of Shading Ink!

This is the most beautiful shade of blue-violet ink of all the inks I've ever tried. If you are a fan of pale inks that shade heavily, this is simply one you must try. It is a somewhat drier ink, has never been problematic for me, in fact a bonus when I'm writing quickly to have a faster drying ink. I like using it best in my vintage flexible nib fountain pens where its shading properties can truly shine. It should be used on white paper because it is such a pale ink. There is no other ink color exactly like it. Concord Bream is similar in it's light tonal quality but was a disappointment in its feathering and lack of shading. I have high hopes for the Violet Blue ink from Faber-Castell. F-C's ink is darker on test strips. Once I try it I'll review. Regardless of others, there will ALWAYS be a bottle or two of Purple Haze in my ink collection. It's truly my favorite!

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