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Private Reserve Sepia Ink (66ml Bottle)

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This 66ml glass bottle of Private Reserve Sepia fountain pen ink has a ridged cap for easier opening and closing. Private Reserve Sepia fountain pen ink is a soft shade of brown. Private Reserve Ink is a small company based out of Indiana with a staff that pours, labels, and boxes the ink by hand, keeping the packaging simple and maintaining a retail price that is affordable for all fountain pen users.

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Volume - 66ml Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Brown

2 Reviews

Photog Nov 20th 2017

A bit more yellow/green than expected

I've used lots of PR inks and love them, but this sepia is a bit dry and leans more yellow/green than expected.

LC Nov 20th 2017

My favorite Sepia ink

I am a huge fan of flex nibs and have many vintage flex nibs as well as vintage fountain pens with flexible nibs. Inks that have less opacity (more sheer) are a favorite to use with flex nibs because they generally shade so beautifully. I think there are plenty of opaque inks out there and I would hate to see some of my favorites be culled due to poor marks. Not all inks are meant to be opaque just as every color is not meant for everyone. This golden brown does read a bit khaki or olive. If it's your shade, and you love shading inks, try a sample; especially in a wet writer or a flex nib. It dries fairly quick and I've had no problems with the crystals that can bedevil some browns and orange inks.

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