ProFolio Journal Sidekick - Magnetic Pen Holder - Brown

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The ProFolio Journal Sidekick is designed to work with almost every kind of journal or notebook that is currently available in the marketplace. It truly is a one-size-fits-all pen holder. Using a patent-pending design, the pen holder attaches to journals and notebooks using two strong magnets that simply sandwich the journal's front cover. Made out of a durable and modern recycled leather, the Journal Sidekick also comes with a free ITOYA BLADE ready-to-write fountain pen. The BLADE is a modern version of the fountain pen with smooth flowing ink via a fine point nib, without the mess of ink cartridges or ink filling. The sealed ink design means there's no maintenance required - simply start writing and dispose of the pen when done.

The ProFolio Journal Sidekick can also be attached to binders, books, presentation books, files and other documents, briefcases, bags, purses, shoulder straps, clothing, and anywhere else you might need a Sidekick to carry your pen for you. The back flap can also be used as a bookmark for your journal.

1 Review

Liz M Nov 20th 2017

Strong Magnet

This thing is fantastic - the magnet holds even through a hard-bound notebook cover. The sleeve will (just barely) even hold a Visconti Homo Sapiens. It's really convenient for when you want a single pen on your notebook, and it's easy to put on and remove. Good construction - no worry about the pen damaging it, nor about it damaging the notebook cover. Highly recommended.

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