Retro 51 Big Shot Tornado Rollerball - USPS Dragons

Retro 51

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Big Shot

Designed for larger hands, or those of you who like a pen with a bigger girth, the Retro 51 Big Shot USPS Dragons rollerball is your new best friend! This Retro51 Big Shot showcases four dragon designs illustrated by artist Don Clark of Invisible Creature. The Forever stamp art has now been turned into a rollerball pen featuring "the high-flying, fire-breathing mythological creatures that have roamed our imaginations for millennia."

Each of the colorful Dragon stamps, plus the stamp selvage graphic has been silkscreened around the metal barrel of this larger diameter Tornado. The art is protected by a gloss varnish and accentuated with stealth black trim only to be topped with one more dragon on the finial. Each pen has been numbered on the top ring next to the USPS logo and packaged in a commemorative tube that doubles as a pen stand or carry case. Grab one of these USPS Dragons and feel the inspiration burning with this legendary new design!

Each Retro 51 Big Shot comes loaded with a rollerball refill, and accepts the Schmidt short capless refill. The Big Shot can also accept the Parker style ballpoint refill if that is your preference.

Retro 51 capless rollerballs use the Schmidt P8126 short capless rollerball refill in several color and point size options. 

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