Retro 51

Retro 51 Nib Unit - Medium

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This Retro 51 stainless steel Fine point replacement nib was designed especially for Retro 51 fountain pens, so that you can change different nibs to suit your mood.

Please note that the Retro 51 nib units and fountain pens were redesigned in early 2019. The fountain pens have a new grip section, and the new nibs are a #6 unbranded Jowo stainless steel nib.

** The new nibs will NOT fit the older fountain pens, and the newer fountain pens will not accept the older nibs.**

1 Review

John S Oct 17th 2018

Retro 51 nib unit - medium

Considerably smoother writing than with the original fine nib, without losing much detail. A nice change.

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