Retro 51 Rollerball - USPS 2021 Love Stamp

Retro 51

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This Retro 51 Tornado rollerball 2021 Love Stamp features the 2021 USPS Love Stamp silkscreened on the stainless-steel barrel, accented by polished chrome trim. The top ring features an engraved USPS logo plus the pen’s serial number engraved for this running series. To add even more cuteness, each pen is topped with a graphic finial with one more heart.

The textured knurl-top twists to extend and retract the smooth-flowing rollerball refill.

A commemorative USPS packaging tube not only stores your pen, but also can be used as a pen stand on your desk when not in use.

From Retro 51:
The original art and stamp design by Bailey Sullivan with Greg Breeding as art director uses “playful, graphic lettering” and “will add color and whimsy to your mailings, making it clear that thought and care have been lavished on the message, inside and out.” The 2021 Love stamp is a Forever stamp, so lavish some love and caring on your favorite people by make this open numbered Tornado rollerball a part of their forever collection.