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Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball - Chicago Tornado, Anderson Pens Exclusive

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In celebration of Anderson Pens Chicago, we have teamed up with Retro 51's design gurus to create a fun and charming pen - The Chicago Tornado! The barrel features the Chicago skyline in a shiny finish while the sky matches the blue from the Windy City's famous flag. Speaking of the flag, you'll find it adorned on the jewel of this pen! 

The rollerball uses the awesome smooth-gliding Retro 51 refill for a truly wonderful writing experience.

2 Reviews

Raul Estela May 22nd 2018

Chicago Native

I've transplanted to Washington State, but Chicago remains in my soul! Bought 1st Chicago pen for myself, and got a second to give as a gift for a family member. Have just ordered another for another family member who would be insanely upset to learn I hadn't thought of him! :} Retro 51s are quality pens. Anytime I let a coworker sign a document with it, they remark about how wonderful the pen feels in their hand, and how amazingly smooth the writing experience is. I stay very close when someone else is using it!!!

Pamela Clark May 11th 2018

Retro 51 Chicago

Owning several Retro 51 pens already, what caught me eye with this pen was the silver mixed with distinctive other colors making the pen in my opiniion more minimalist yet not plain one color. I prefer ballpoint to write with so I always change the cartridge. Would be nice if option was available for rollerball or ballpoint. I would buy this pen again but hoping maybe in the future I will see one for New York.

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