Sailor Bespoke Kingfisher and Waterfall Limited Edition

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According to Greek mythology, the Kingfisher is the protector of springs, mountains, rivers and streams. This special bird is specially adapted to hunt and catch fish by diving. The blue green plumage is characteristic and is caused by the scattering of blue light by the feather structure (Tyndall effect). The distribution of this bird is cosmopolitan throughout the world's tropical and temperate regions.

The Kingfisher is regarded as a symbol of peace and prosperity with the promise of abundance with its association with the planet Jupiter.

Sailor proudly announce the second in the series of special Limited Edition pens called "Taki to Shizen" (Waterfalls and Nature) by Kaga maki-e artist Ikka Moroike. The King of Pens in Ebonite has been specially chosen for this artistic masterpiece. Available in Medium and Broad nib grades only. A special edition of only 28 pieces worldwide.
A detailed description of the Sailor standard and Bespoke Specialty nibs can be found Here.

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