Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Chu-Shu Ink (50ml Bottle)

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Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Chu-Shu fountain pen ink is smooth-flowing and specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens. Chu-Shu is a deep, dark shade of purple that in certain light can look blue-black or even black. The 50ml glass bottle features an internal removable ink reservoir that makes it possible to fill your pen even when the ink runs low. Cap the bottle, turn it upside down, and then turn it right-side up. The holes on the sides of the reservoir allow ink to flow into the reservoir into which a fountain pen nib can be submerged.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Purple

3 Reviews

Pamela May 24th 2018


Sometimes a subtle ink is called for and no one does subtle better than Sailor.

Philip Guest May 24th 2018

Grey Violet

"Exactly what I was looking for - a stone grey that only reveals its underlying violet tone in context.
Works perfectly alongside De Atramentis' Cement (Green) and Fog (Blue) Greys to complete the ""cool/stone"" side of my ""sub-tertiary color circle"" (my three ""warm/earth"" colors are Diamine Sepia (Yellow), Burnt Sienna (Orange) and Rustic Brown (Red)).
O.K., so I was looking for something quite specific, but it's nice to actually find it!
Inks that did not fit the bill for me:
R&K Scabiosa - one of my favorite inks but too colorful in this instance (also shifts from blue-violet when fresh to red-violet once dry).
Noodler's Nightshade - more purple/brown than grey
Robert Oster Purple Rock - glad I got a sample of this first, way too much color for me (Summer Storm however is lovely, but bluer).
I was not convinced by KWZ Grey Plum, but as soon as I saw Chu Shu I knew it was the one!"

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