Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei Ink (50ml Bottle)

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Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Kin-Mokusei fountain pen ink is smooth-flowing and specifically formulated to be safe for all fountain pens. Kin-Mokusei is a bright and vibrant shade of orange. The 50ml glass bottle features an internal removable ink reservoir that makes it possible to fill your pen even when the ink runs low. Cap the bottle, turn it upside down, and then turn it right-side up. The holes on the sides of the reservoir allow ink to flow into the reservoir into which a fountain pen nib can be submerged.

Check out our thINKthursday blog post for a thorough review of this ink. Having trouble deciding between colors? Use our Ink Comparison Tool to quickly and easily view different colors side by side.

Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Orange

2 Reviews

Charles Skinner Jul 31st 2018

Sailor Kin Mokusei ink

This is my second bottle. I like it very much, perhaps not an "use everyday ink" but certain one to use from time to time. Some might want to use it everyday, and that would not be bad.

Syed May 24th 2018

Sailor ink

Very nice ink, good service.

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