Sailor Pro Gear Fountain Pen - Cocktail Anniversary Set of 10

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Be it the simplicity of a Martini or the complexity of a Commonwealth, cocktail drinks are enjoyed by many, not only for their flavors, but as masterfully crafted works of art.

Every year since 2011, consumers throughout Japan have been 'served' cocktail themed fountain pens created by Sailor 'mixologists'. These elegant and colorful limited edition Sailor fountain pens draw their creative inspiration from cocktail drinks from around the world. They have been enjoyed and appreciated vastly throughout Japan not only for their superb writing experience but also as creative works of art. Now on its 10th year, the Sailor Pen Company will make available in North America a special Cocktail Series 10th Anniversary Assorted Set which contains all ten pens of this series dating back to 2011! A wonderful anniversary set, much like a cocktail drink, that is meant for us to sip slowly, enjoy, and appreciate.

The Sailor Pro Gear 10 pen anniversary set is available in Fine, Medium Fine or Medium nibs only - with 100 tens pens of the same nib size.


Highlights of the Cocktail Series 10th Anniversary Assorted Set:

  • Ten pens; one of each Sailor Cocktail Series Fountain Pen released since 2011, including the new Professional Gear Kure Azur
  • Each set is available with either F, MF, or M 21K Gold/Rhodium bicolor plated nib.
  • Must be ordered as a set and all ten pens in each set must have the same nib size
  • Features a 10th Anniversary acrylic display case that attractively displays all 10 pens
  • Includes a Leather Pen Case Holder to store all 10 pens, along with 12 Black Ink Cartridges and a Cleaning Cloth.


Cocktail Series Pens:

2011 - Asian Way

2012 - Mojito

2013 - Black Velvet

2014 - Picadilly Night

2015 - Old Fashioned

2016 - Blue Lagoon

2017 - Apres Ski

2018 - Tequila Sunrise

2019 - Angel's Delight

2020 - Kure Azur

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