Sailor Pro Gear Slim Fountain Pen - Four Seasons Metallic Green, Medium-Fine Nib

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The Sailor Pro Gear Slim fountain pen is known as the Sapporo in some markets, and is one of the company's most popular and most affordable models. The pen offers a contemporary style and incredibly smooth-writing experience, making this a favorite pen for every day writing. The Pro Gear Slim fountain pen sports the Sailor anchor logo at the top of the cap and trim bands. The smaller Pro Gear Slim posts well, and feels almost full-size when posted. Capped length is 4-7/8 inches long, posted 5-5/8 inches long and barrel length is 4-3/8 inches long. The Pro Gear Slim comes with a proprietary Sailor cartridge and a piston converter for use with bottled ink, in a standard Sailor gift box.

The Sailor 4 Seasons Shiki-Oriori Pro Gear Slim fountain pen in 4 gorgeous colors, in a 14k Medium-Fine nib only. The Four Seasons Shiki-Oriori Manyou Summer Leaves Metallic Green has gold-plated trim and features a 14k gold Medium-Fine nib. The shade of green is inspired by the lush green of grass or foliage in summer, and the deep green barrel and cap have a pearlescent sheen that is utterly gorgeous and unique.

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3 Reviews

Richard May 24th 2018

great entry level gold nib

Dark green and gold go very well together, comfortable length when posted. Overall great entry level gold nib pen, highly recommend. Writes a bit toothier, may not be for people who want their pens to be glassy smooth

Pamela Tien May 24th 2018

Sailor never disappoints

"I bought this pen as a gift. It was a joy and pleasure to be able to pick it up from Lisa and Brian at the SF pen show.

As usual, the pen performed as expected right out of the box. It's a great solid writer. One of my favorite pens."

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