Sheaffer 300 Fountain Pen - Black

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The Sheaffer 300 fountain pen series offers a range of colors and finishes to suit every occasion or preference. The 300 series features the Sheaffer signature wide band, "White Dot" symbol of quality on the clip, and a cigar-shaped profile that is balanced and fits comfortably in your hand. The Sheaffer 300 fountain pen shown here in Black with silver trim and a steel nib, comes packaged in a classic gift box, and includes both a piston converter and a proprietary cartridge to get you started.

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1 Review

Will Nov 20th 2017

Great pen and great price.

I bought this pen as my beginner fountain pen, thinking I would buy a more expensive pen once I had a better sense of what I liked. But, this may be the perfect pen for me. It has great weight and balance and feels really good in my hand. I like the friction cap. It stays firmly in place, but pulls off easily and posts well (I don't have the patience for a cap that screws on/off). It rights beautifully. All of this at a great price.

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