Sheaffer Skrip Brown Ink (50ml Bottle)

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This 50ml glass bottle of Sheaffer Skrip Brown fountain pen ink is a free-flowing, easy to clean ink that is a good choice for vintage and older pens that may be at higher risk of clogging, as well as modern pens of course.

The bottle has a wide mouth and a broad base to prevent the bottle from tipping over when filling your pen. Sheaffer Skrip fountain pen ink will ensure a long write life and a smooth flow of ink to paper.

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Volume - 50ml

Bottle Material - Glass

Color Group - Brown

3 Reviews

Paul Mattoon Jun 18, 2018


2nd bottle of this good stuff from Anderson Pens. Shipping cost more than the ink, so Anderson Pens needs to have an Anderson Pen-South location. :-) Seriously: the post office could drop-kick this down to Texas and it's packaged so well, they wouldn't spill a drop. Worth every penny. Love the old-fashiony color, and it is a delight to write in my journal daily.

Dan May 24, 2018

Very Good Quality!

This ink is incredibly smooth, and has a beautiful colour. There's so much of it too, and surprisingly high quality for something so cheap! I have already recommended it to friends.

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