Size 16-1/2 -2-1/4 Necked Tapered Latex Sac


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One Size 16-1/2 -2-1/4 Necked Tapered Latex Sac, used primarily for standard sized Wahl-Eversharp Skyline pens. The tapered sac fits further down the barrel than standard straight sacs and is cut to length.

Please note: Price is per sac. Pen sacs are measured in 64ths of an inch diameter.

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Robert Piskor Aug 05, 2020


I always try to restore pens as close to original as possible, knowing this sac is the original type for the Skyline helped keep the pen original. Anderson Pens always mails out my orders in a timely manner and are securely packed. Anderson Pens may not offer the lowest prices but quick and secure shipping are well worth the extra cost.

Addertooth Aug 18, 2019

Perfect size for a standard Skyline with no trimming

Simple drop-in replacement for a Standard sized skyline. No trimming or cutting to length required. The Sac is of the typical thickness you expect, and the latex appeared to be fresh. This sac would be smaller than desirable for an executive, but would work, and may require minor trimming on early (extra petite) Demi models. Shipping was quick and reasonably priced.

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