Snorkel Repair Kit


Snorkel restoration kit includes one sac, one exact reproduction point holder gasket, and one o-ring. Installation instructions based on original Sheaffer repair manuals can be found at:

Products by Snorkel Solutions, an entity owned in full by Anderson Pens, are available for sale to end-user customers only. These products may not be bought for re-sale, either as a single product or coupled with others as a kit. Consequently, Anderson Pens reserves the right to refuse orders placed by customers who breach this condition or if Anderson Pens reasonably suspects, at its sole discretion, a customer has breached, or intends to breach this stipulation.
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25 Reviews

Mark Fourn Dec 20th 2019

snorkel repair kit

Works great would recommend.

William Trapnell Aug 31st 2019

Snorkel Repair Kit

This was my first fountain pen repair. Evrything fit perfectly and the pen functioned great afterwards. WOuld recommend this kit.

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