The Art of Cursive Coloring Book

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The Art of Cursive is like no other coloring book. CursiveLogic is a patent-pending method that teaches cursive in a fraction of the time previously thought possible. During its inaugural year, 2015, the National Parenting Center, Homeschool Parent, and The Old Schoolhouse Review all honored CursiveLogic with praise and awards. CursiveLogic has been featured on,, and in PenWorld Magazine. The Art of Cursive takes CursiveLogic's unique method and teaches it through the fun and relaxation of coloring.

It doesn't matter if you are left-handed or right-handed, you can learn to write in cursive in four simple lessons. CursiveLogic succeeds where other products fail because it breaks the cursive alphabet into four shapes, instead of 26 letters, and teaches connecting the letters from the beginning. The lessons are then reinforced through coloring the 27 sheets which use the four basic shapes and other cursive elements to create intricate, stimulating works of art. All coloring is great for your brain, so why not improve your handwriting too.

1 Review

Clinton Cleveland May 25th 2018

Fun and effective

Even though I'm nearly an adult (just turned 50), the idea of a coloring book to improve my handwriting is very appealing. This book is not just fun; it actually works. I take a lot of notes on the job and it has never really been an option for me to go back and read them later. I've just done it so I could admire whatever pen, ink, and paper combination I was fond of at the moment and draw tiny pictures of molluscs in the margins. The cool thing about this book is that it has a bunch of exercises to help practice particular motions, like loops and things, and then it has coloring pages that reinforce the exercises. I highly recommend it, even if you are one of those weirdos with naturally legible handwriting.

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