Tomoe River

Tomoe River Loose Sheets - A4, 68gsm - Cream

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The amazing Tomoe River paper is coveted for its smooth, silky texture that is perfect for fountain pens and other writing instruments. The thin and delicate pages are a very slight 68gsm, and are designed to reduce bulk in notebooks or in mailings. The paper is incredibly versatile and reliable, and the sheets are resistant to bleed through and feathering, and can handle a wide variety of inks.

This package contains 50 sheets of acid-free, pH neutral cream colored blank sheets, and is wrapped in plastic to protect it, with a cardboard insert for stability. If you are a heavy-handed writer, you may want to remove a sheet or two at a time to write on, so that you do not leave impressions on the sheets underneath.

2 Reviews

Erik Blomstedt Sep 13, 2019


Wonderful paper to use my fountain pens with. Doesn't bleed and has great surface.

Nichlos May 29, 2018

Awesome paper from awesome store!

The 52gsm feels a bit smoother to me; this 68gsm seems a tiny bit smoother on one side than the other. I use discbound notebooks (Circa, arc, etc.) and the 52gsm saves a ton of space but comes out too easily, so I thought I'd try this. It's still thinner than most copy paper, and is robust enough to stay on the discs better. I knew Anderson Pens would pack it well to prevent damage in shipping.

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