Tomoe River

Tomoe River Notepad - A5, Blank - Cream


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The amazing Tomoe River paper is coveted for its smooth, silky texture that is perfect for fountain pens and other writing instruments. The thin and delicate pages are a very slight 52gsm, and are designed to reduce bulk in notebooks or in mailings. The paper is incredibly versatile and reliable, and the sheets are resistant to bleed-through and feathering, and can handle a wide variety of inks.

This A5 notepad presents Tomoe River paper in style, with a silver foil-embossed black cardstock cover, which protects the paper from damage while still allowing individual pages to be cleanly removed for use as loose sheets. The A5 notepad features 100 sheets of Cream Tomoe River paper, and includes a single sheet of blotting paper at the beginning of the pad.