Toucan Scarlet Ink (2oz Bottle)

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A 2oz glass bottle of Toucan Scarlet fountain pen ink. Toucan Scarlet fountain pen ink is a vibrant shade of red. Toucan Scarlet fountain pen ink is a high quality, Australian made fountain pen ink that is unique in a couple of ways. The Toucan fountain pen ink can be mixed with any of the other Toucan inks to make your own custom colored ink. All of the colors can be blended together in different ratios, and can be diluted with distilled water to create an almost infinite range of unique colored inks. Toucan Scarlet fountain pen ink is formulated from water soluble dyes with no harmful additives and is pH neutral (7). Toucan ink can also be used with a stylus or brushes and is ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.

Toucan Scarlet Ink is now packaged in a two ounce glass bottle for ease of use!

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Volume - 2oz Bottle Material - Glass Color Group - Red Special Properties - Mixable

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