Visconti Black Ink (60ml Bottle)

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Visconti Black fountain pen ink comes in a uniquely-shaped 60ml plastic bottle that narrows at the bottom so that it facilitates the filling of a fountain pen. Visconti Black ink is a rich, deep shade of black. The bottles are packaged inside a plastic dome. For spill-proof filling of your fountain pen, just flip the dome over, place the bottle inside, and fill your pen without any drips or mess on your desk!

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Volume - 60ml

Bottle Material - Plastic

Color Group - Black

2 Reviews

Roger Dominick Nov 20, 2017

Mysterious black

I quite like Visconti black, but I can't really say why. It's not too wet and it's not too dry. It's also not the blackest of black blacks, either, shading between a really nice dark grey and black, drying a bit darker. The third black I tried in my Visconti Homo Sapiens -- the only pen I own which practically cries out to be filled with black ink -- and the one that will stick.

Glennhkc Nov 20, 2017

Good Stuff

Sometimes you want a black ink that shades into the grey. This one does it beautifully.

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