Visconti Breeze Fountain Pen - Plum

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The Visconti Breeze fountain pen in Plum makes a bold statement with a more accessible price and outstanding appearance. The neon purple pen features a new steel nib that writes very smoothly, and this new model offers a fresh perspective, with a shape that is reminiscent of the Visconti Rembrandt and Van Gogh with a torpedo shape, but with several updated features. The palladium-plated trim accents the pen color.

The cap trim band has the name of the pen engraved on it, and the section is now made of the same vegetal resin as the rest of the pen. The magnetic cap closure has been improved with guidance grooves, to create a cap that does not move or rotate when capped, and the clip has been re-engineered, to give improved functionality to the same stylish look you have come to expect. The pen comes with an included converter. 
Some nib options may take 7 - 10 days to ship.

1 Review

Cynthia L Richter Jul 23, 2021

Has to be the Best

I am a newbie using fountain pens, but can I just WOW! I have twenty-two pens, every brand in the less expensive except for an Essie and a Penieder Avar. This is the smoothest, most fun I have and it was that right out of the box. Have tried two inks so far and it performs flawlessly with both of them. Now I have my sights on another one, but I need to save up for it. I will get another from this brand though for sure.

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