Visconti Voyager Fountain Pen - Alpha Centauri


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Fountain Pen
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14kt Gold
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The Visconti Voyager fountain pen, shown here in Alpha Centauri amber, is turned from beautiful mother of pearl resin with striations of color throughout, that create the illusion of faceted bands, accented with palladium-plated trim. The in-house 14k gold nib is engraved with a more contemporary design, but in keeping with tradition, Visconti continues with a crescent-moon shaped breather hole, a distinctive feature of Visconti's precious nibs.

The Voyager 2020 fountain pen also includes the new Visconti luxury converter, fully customized with the 'Voyager' name engraved into the side and complete with ink window. Each pen also features a small piece of exposed resin at the end of the blind cap, highlighted by a metal ring, and the clip has been updated to the classic Visconti Ponte Vecchio clip.

The Voyager 2020 collection pays homage to the original Voyager collection of the 1990's, while adding updated materials and trim. Be inspired by Visconti's new Voyager and take a journey to the constellations, galaxies and the beauty of the unknown.

Don't forget to customize your Visconti pen with the "My Pen System". Just include your first and last initials in the comments box, with a request for My Pen System Inserts.

As of April 2023, all 14k and 18k gold Visconti nibs have been inspected and tuned by a nib worker and despite our best efforts to fully clean each pen may exhibit some minor traces of ink in the nib and feed, but have in no way been filled or previously owned or used.