Anderson Pens Repairman's Pen Sac Kit - Assorted 5 Pack


Assorted sac kit for the pen repairman. This kit includes one each of latex sacs 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20. This kit will encompass 90% of all pens you come across and are the most often used sizes.

Pen sacs are measured in 64ths of an inch diameter. Most sacs will need to be trimmed prior to use and are intentionally made longer than necessary. Sorry, no substitutions.

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James Wells May 8th 2019

I like sac's

I am always buying junk pens whenever I see them. Now when I come home, I know I have every sac i need to repair the pen in question, and wont have to search around for the right size. After I use a sac, i just order a replacement for the collection so I always have what I need on hand.
Now what will I do with all these pens, I have no idea.

I like that this assortment came with a #20 as the largest. I put that in an Esterbrook pen that was supposed to take a 16, and so far it is working well.

Jeffrey May 25th 2018


Excellent replacements!! Just what I needed!!

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