Snorkel Solutions

Snorkel Solutions was started in 2005 by Sam Marshall, who had a desire to produce a point holder gasket to assist in properly repairing his growing collection of Sheaffer Snorkels. Unfortunately, the original gasket was no longer available, so at great time and expense, Sam created a die based off of the original Sheaffer patent for the point holder gasket. This resulted in an exact reproduction which was so perfect that when presented to the Sheaffer factory for their opinion, they ordered several hundred for their own repairs! In 2006 Sam brought on Martin Ferguson to handle fulfillment and promotion of the company. O-rings for snorkel repair were also produced by them to exact specifications and added to the line for the total restoration package. With Martin on board, sales continued to expand to all reaches of the globe.

In July 2013, Anderson Pens purchased Snorkel Solutions from Sam and Martin and will continue their legacy by continuing to provide these premier parts for snorkel restoration. We will proudly continue to manufacture and offer the same exact reproduction point holder gaskets for snorkels, as well as point holder gaskets for PFM, O-rings for Snorkel and O-rings for PFM (and so called, "fat" touchdowns). Repair kits containing a sac, o-ring and point holder gasket are available for both Snorkel and PFM as well.

In May of 2016, Anderson Pens produced exact reproduction Sheaffer PFM point holder gaskets to add to the Snorkel Solutions lineup!

Products by Snorkel Solutions, an entity owned in full by Anderson Pens, are available for sale to end-user customers only.