Ink Tool

Having trouble choosing inks? Have you ever wondered what two ink colors were like side by side? Or three? Now you can pick your favorite inks, along with those you are interested in and see them in a side by side comparison. Filter by color or brand. Vintage and discontinued inks are also included! To filter out vintage, discontinued, or inks not otherwise available for sale from your search, just click the "Hide inks not available for sale" checkbox. Note, checking the box will refresh your search, so select this box before selecting any ink colors to avoid removing your selections. Also note you may select a brand, color family, or attribute filter only, not more than one.

You can now drag and drop to rearrange swabs into a better order. Like a set of swabs and want to share with a friend? You can now click on the "Email a friend" link that shows up once you have selected a swab and send your choices to your friend. This is also good if you want to copy the link in the form if you want to post on social media, pen forums and the like. Don't like your choices and want to start over? Click on the "Clear All Choices" button to start over.

Once you've selected your inks, you can elect to add a bottle, sample, or cartridges (if available) to your cart, add the bottle to your wish list, or go to the product page for more information. Below the swab you will see the price per bottle and sample, as well as the price per ml and price per ounce. Please note Vintage, Discontinued, and other inks not available for sale do not show this information, and some inks are available only in cartridge form only, not in bottles.

Below the pricing information you will see a chart with information as to the characteristics of the ink, as well as the type of bottle, country of origin and other attributes. We obtained all of our information from the manufacturers or distributors of the ink themselves.

If you have a contribution you'd like to make to our Ink Comparison tool, please contact us!