Esterbrook 048 Falcon Dip Pen Nib

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The Esterbrook 048 Falcon Dip Pen Nib is Falcon style and was the basis for Esterbrook's flexible 2048/9048 Re-New-Point nib units. Bronze in color, flexible and has slits on the sides for ease of flexibility. Ribbed tipping area allows for ink to more easily stay on the nib meaning fewer dips. Vintage nib ca. 1940's.

2 Reviews

Bodhi May 25, 2018

Very versatile

I love these nibs, they do good thick lines or fine detail and allows wonderful variations of the thickness, good for drawing and writing. They handle OK pretty thick mixes like powder silver or copper etc added to the ink.

Willis Hardy Nov 20, 2017

Practice, Practice...

A real glimpse into why the dip pen was replaced by the fountain pen. It is an acquired skill and I am st at the start of learning to use it.

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