Esterbrook ReNew Point Nib Unit - 1550, Firm Extra Fine


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This Esterbrook ReNew replacement nib and feed unit marked 1550 is a Firm Extra Fine nib made of stainless steel. Esterbrook ReNew nib units are interchangeable, and to change them, you simply unscrew one and screw in another one.

Please note that Esterbrook ReNew Point nib units are designed to fit vintage Esterbrook pens. These will fit into the modern Esterbrook pens that can accept the MV (Modern to Vintage) Nib adapter, but only by using that adapter.

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Elizabeth Jun 22, 2021

Esterbrook replacement nibs: Fine and Extra Fine

I absolutely love these nibs! Initially finding them by purchasing Vintage Esterbrook pens,
I was delighted to see the nibs offered on Anderson Pens. I was surprised to learn I could fit them into
Osmiroid barrels as well. (Another wonderful Anderson Pen find from a while ago!) I ordered both the
fine and extra fine nib replacements. Granted, the XF can be scratchy, but often a shift to a different
ink cures that and it writes beautifully. (I used Rorher & Klingner for the right match.) I love the extremely
fine line and the pen barely touches the paper to put down a quite wet line. The pen nibs arrived quickly
and I really enjoy them.

Paul Stant Jul 15, 2020

Esterbrook 1550 replacement nib unit

My nib unit came very quickly along with a 1551 nib unit. I tried them both out and am very happy with them. The other nib has been cleaned and placed in my collection as a spare. I'm very happy with my purchase and Anderson Pen's service!

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