Faber-Castell Loom Piano Plum Fountain Pen

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Faber-Castell Loom Piano Plum Fountain Pen Extra Fine Nib. Steel nib is interchangeable with all other Faber-Castell fountain pens and is removable for easy cleaning and flushing. Featuring a grip section with fine rings and a subtly curved form, LOOM writing implements are varied and fascinating. The metallic-look barrel and cap is pleasing to the eye and showcases the amazing color versatility of the LOOM design. The matte chrome-plated grip section sets off the bold colors to perfection. Metal barrel, chrome plated and polished with embossed grooves on the grip for comfortable writing. Spring clip. Cartridge Converter filling system. One cartridge included, piston converter sold separately.

1 Review

Thomas May 24th 2018

Faber-Castell Quality in an Inexpensive Pen

This pen has all of the expected quality of a Faber-Castell fountain pen, in a more sporty body with a splash of color. The nib is excellent quality and skates across the page. I like the fact that you can swap nibs with any other Fabel-Casetell pen you may have; similarly, the converter can be shared among pens. The pen is an excellent quality/expense proposition.

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