Franklin-Christoph 3 Pen Case - Black

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Classic styling with effective use of space and quality leather.
Made of Franklin-Christoph's custom tanned FxCel leather. FxCel leather is oil and vegetable tanned, and features a strong pull up. A little cleaner surface than Franklin-Christoph's previous boot leathers, with the richer look of an oiled leather and the option to rub our marks for a fresh look, even as it ages.
The 3 pen case has interior loops that can handle pens as thick as .7" and also as tall as 6.3".
Cut out beveled look at the top interior to make the pens easy to grasp for pulling out.
There is little unused space about these case, so you can fit them in many places, including coat pockets, brief cases and purses. The F-C logo is placed on the lower back. The FxCel mark is on the front under the tab.

Dimensions: 5.5" tall x 7/8" deep x 2 7/16" wide

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