Hobonichi 2024 Plain Notebook - Tomitaro Makino: Yamazakura - A6, Graph


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This A6 Hobonichi notebook features a botanical illustration of a Yamazakura drawn by Dr. Tomitaro Makino is on the front cover, and has Tomoe River paper, opens completely flat, and contains graph paper divided into 4 colors. The Tomoe River paper is thin and durable paper, which allows the 240-page book to stay at a mere 8mm thick, giving you plenty of room to fill to your heart’s content.

The 3.7mm graph paper is also the same graph size as that of the Japanese-edition Hobonichi Techo Original. The color of the ink on the page changes every 60 pages (red/blue/green/purple), making it easy to split the book into several themes or use the colors as a way to more easily find old entries. The notebook size is the same as the A6 Planner, which makes it compatible with any of the Planner’s Hobonichi Techo covers.

** Please note that the Hobonichi Plain Notebooks use the older version of Tomoe River paper.

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