Lamy Extra Fine Nib Unit

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Lamy Extra Fine nib unit for Safari, Joy, or Studio fountain pen. Easily replaceable.

6 Reviews

Gail R Oct 25th 2019

Lamy EF Not What I'd Hoped

I have had a Lamy Safari with a M nib for over 4 years. I recently got a STEAL on a Lamy Al Star, also with a M nib. I've been thinking about switching to F or EF on the Safari for some time, and the acquisition of the Al Star spurred me to action. Since I couldn't decide which I wanted, I bought a F for the Safari (see my review on that nib elsewhere on this site) and an EF for the Al Star.

I'm not thrilled with it. At first it was downright scratchy, but a short scuff on my microsanding pad helped with that. I really think there was a tiny, tiny bur on one of the tines. I don't mind a little feedback--it lets you know you're actually writing--but this nib gives me too much. I have small enough handwriting to warrant an EF nib, but I think my usual writing angle isn't conducive to using one. When I really think about how I'm holding the pen and the angle at which I'm writing, it's actually not a bad nib. Very Lamy without the super-smoothness I'm used to with the M (which with a very wet ink can feel too smooth--see note above about feeback). Since I'm not sure it's worth adjusting my writing style to use one pen, this is probably the only EF I will ever own.

This is an example of just how personalized an experience using a fountain pen really is.

Alicia Cosgrove Aug 22nd 2019

Love this nib

I bought this nib as a replacement for the fine nib on my Wing Sung 3008 piston-fill pen. It fit perfectly and writes extremely smoothly. Definitely recommend this product.

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