Noodler's Flex Nib


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Noodler's Flexible nib is an exact replacement for your Noodler's Ahab or Konrad fountain pen. Just pull out your old nib and replace with this one! #6 sized steel nib.

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Shiri May 24th 2018


"Ordered a couple of replacement nibs for my Ahab pen, and they arrived rapidly and well-secured in a safe package, together with a thank-you note. Would recommend. "

S Partridge Nov 20th 2017

Personal Preference

I started out with Noodler's flex-nibbed fountain pens as my starter pens, and still prefer them over all but certain fine nibs. For this reason I purchased 3 of these nibs to replace the non-flex M nibs on two Jinhao x750 and x450 pens, and to replace a broken one on a Konrad Acrylic. They are not as pretty as the Jinhaos they replaced, but the substitution worked well and for me they are certainly nicer to write with. All arrived in perfect working order and very fast, as usual with Anderson's.

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