Pilot RS-150 - 14kt Fine Nib (2021-0122-04-BE)


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Pilot RS-150 in black with silver cap. Unusual clip which allows you to press the button at the top of the clip to open the clip to more easily put the pen in a pocket. 14kt Fine pointed nib. Comes with two short Pilot cartridges and metal holder to hold a spare in the pen. Modern full sized cartridges seem to fit very loose. EH 21 date code places this at August 21, 1967 production. Name engraved in Kanji on barrel. No box.

**Vintage pens, or pens marked as Experienced will be considered for return only if they arrived to you as mechanically defective. Experienced pens may have small defects or scuffs, since they often have been pre-owned, and they have been priced accordingly.