Pilot Vanishing Point Nib with Converter Set - 18k Gold/Rhodium, Stub Nib

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This nib unit includes an 18K gold rhodium-plated Stub nib and feed unit, and a CON-50 twist piston converter, which makes changing the nib on your Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point a breeze! This nib and converter unit fits all current models of Pilot/Namiki Vanishing Point fountain pens.

3 Reviews

David Behsman May 25th 2018

Works perfectly!

I have this nib in a red Vanishing Point filled with red ink. It's great for note taking, because I can quickly make a bold notation that won't be missed.

Karen May 24th 2018

Good Nib for Vanishing Point

Stub nib was a bit scratchy at first...but seems to have "worn in" after a few scribbles. It is a nice option for vanishing point users!

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