Platinum Preppy Wa Fountain Pen - Limited Edition Asa-no-ha, Fine Nib

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The Platinum Preppy Limited edition Wa fountain pen in Asa-no-ha is a terrific value for the price! This is a perfect starter fountain pen, or a wonderful option to keep at your desk. The Preppy Wa Limited Edition designs are inspired by traditional Japanese themes. The pen features a red plastic body with a gold hexagonal design with a clear cap, and a stainless steel nib that does run a little on the fine side. The Preppy accepts Platinum cartridges or a Platinum converter to use with your choice of bottled ink. It comes with one blue-black cartridge, and the proprietary Platinum converter is sold separately. 

1 Review


Asa-no-ha Preppy

The Asanoha Preppy fountain pen has a beautiful translucent red- ish tone. The geometric patern sugest a mistic sense to this affordable but otherwise valuable pen. Fine steel nib that writes without scratching. The pen won't get dried if you keep it with the cap properly placed on it.

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