Pure Talc (10ml Jar)


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An Anderson Pens exclusive, this 10ml jar of pure talc comes with a powder sifter to help with the application of the talc onto your pen sacs during restoration. If you aren't dusting your sacs with this, you should be.

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James Wells May 8th 2019

talc for your sac

The talc works great, but the jar is a little messy. Talc tends to get above the threads and when you open it it ends up on the table. Otherwise, works great.

Matt Aug 27th 2018

An underestimation of the importance is really bad!

Talc is important because without a powder on a latex sac, it will degrade very quickly, stick to the walls of the pen body, darken celluloid material, and last of all, rupture. No one likes inky pockets, so powder your sac.

Speaking to the product itself, it’s a five star review because everything was as expected and it did its job well.

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