Pure Talc (10ml Jar)


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An Anderson Pens exclusive, this 10ml jar of pure talc comes with a powder sifter to help with the application of the talc onto your pen sacs during restoration. If you aren't dusting your sacs with this, you should be.

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John W Ross May 29th 2018

Pure Talc

"The talc facilitated inserting the part with the new sac back into the pen. My order came quickly and all the materials were clearly labeled and very carefully packed to prevent any damage while in transit. "

Kevin McDonough May 29th 2018

Pen Rehab

A few weeks ago, I purchased an old esterbrook fountain pen. The sac was shot, and if it was going to write again, I would need parts. Anderson Pens had everything I needed on hand. Thanks to them, I was able to acquire the new ink sacs, talc, and shellac I would need, and got an old girl working again. Of the 4 fountain pens I own, this is the only one that wasn't purchased new, and thanks to Anderson pens, it is my most reliable.

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