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Retro 51 Rescue Tornado Ballpoint - Bamboo

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The Retro 51 Tornado Deluxe Ballpoint pen in Bamboo is for those who are looking for the latest fun design styles. The Bamboo Ballpoint features an eco-friendly wood that has a beautiful light brown grain with brown streaks and light knot patterns. The barrel is finished with antique silver accents and is engraved with a panda logo on the back.

This Tornado is loaded with an Easy Flow 9000 refill. It can easily be converted to a rollerball with the available rollerball refill.

4 Reviews

Steven Paraskevas May 25th 2018

Bamboo Tornado lasted less than a month

The Retro 51 Tornado ballpoint Bamboo edition looks great. It’s a beautiful pen that feels good in your hand. Stop there and you’ll be fine. Within two weeks, I noticed the tip routinely slipping off and had to push it back on. The tip is how you access and change refills. But without a thread to screw it in place, there is only friction holding the tip on. As the problem continued, it became necessary to push it back on every time I used it. By the fourth week, the tip popped off just from the pressure of the internal spring. At this point, it wouldn’t stay on any longer. Less than 30 days from brand new to totally useless! This is not an inexpensive pen either. Your money is best spent somewhere else.

Chris Hurst Nov 9th 2017

Nice Understated Rollerball

"The bamboo on the body gives the pen a nice understated look and feel. Retro 51 makes a donation to a good cause when the pen gets sold.

Great service, the pen arrived very quickly."

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