Sailor 1911 Large Fountain Pen - Fresca Blue

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The Sailor 1911 Large in Fresca Blue features rhodium-plated trim with a rhodium-plated 21k nib, which perfectly accents the beautiful robin's egg blue of the pen. The Sailor 1911 Large in Fresca Blue is a North American Exclusive.

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10 Reviews

Michael Bettigole Aug 27th 2018

A wonderful pen in almost every detail

I purchased this pen for the quality, large size and beautiful color -- it hits the mark on all three. As always, the customer service from Anderson Pens was fantastic. The pen is comfortable to hold and writes comfortably with the MF nib. Prior to purchase I watched the videos. What truly surprised my about this pen is its super, super light weight. I am someone who prefers a bit of weight to a pen, which provides essential balance for me. This pens has almost no weight to it, despite the larger size. It's a great pen with wonderful craftsmanship and a unique color, but if you are someone who prefers a bit of weight to your pen, you may want to compare this pen to others to get a good understanding.

Willis Hardy May 25th 2018

Perfection in Blue

A really great pen. Love the zoom nib.

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