Sailor Pro Gear II Slim Fountain Pen - Black with Gold Trim

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The Sailor Pro Gear II Slim fountain pen features a black barrel and cap with gold trim. Available in Fine, Medium, or Broad nib. Special order only and the Sailor Pro Gear II Slim could take 60-90 days to delivery.

The newly refreshed Professional Gear series features updated design elements to enhance the already popular series in the Sailor Pen worldwide lineup. The new ProGear maintains its familiar tapered off, flat top and bottom design, and now incorporates elongated ends for a much sleeker and longer overall barrel profile. This design gives us a larger overall presence to the popular ProGear model without a significant increase to its midsized dimensions. Additionally, the top crown features a new, domed anchor insignia with a revised contemporary design update, giving a much greater visual depth and dimensionality to the familiar Sailor Pen Logo. This anchor theme carries over to the brand new pen clip design as well, adorning an all-new anchor shape that will be a visual constant on future Sailor Pens from this point forward.

The Sailor Pro Gear II Slim is also referred to as Pro Gear Sigma in other markets.

1 Review

Jerome L Kebbell May 25th 2018

Sailor Pro gear ect

"Your service is always outstanding. Your services and
Sales are always connsistant. No guessing how it will
Go. Never any thoughts of delays processing problems.

You all are the best!!
PS. You all get some rest, you have been sitting at that computer for a lon time😬😬😬


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