Tomoe River

Tomoe River Tablet - A4, Blank - Cream

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The amazing Tomoe River paper by the Tomoegawa is coveted for its smooth, silky texture that is perfect for fountain pens and other writing instruments. The thin and delicate pages are a very slight 52gsm, and are designed to reduce bulk in notebooks or in mailings. The paper is incredibly versatile and reliable, and the sheets are resistant to bleedthrough and feathering, and can handle a wide variety of inks.

This tablet contains 100 sheets of acid-free, pH neutral cream colored sheets, and is top-glue bound, with a rigid cardboard back and a burgundy top cover that folds back neatly. If you are a heavy-handed writer, you may want to remove a sheet or two at a time to write on, so that you do not leave impressions on the sheets underneath.

2 Reviews

Larry Thibodeaux Nov 20th 2017

Wonderful, but thin.

I can't add any more good praises for Tomoe River paper that hasn't already been said. Just a few things of note here for this pad:
1. It comes with a grid page to put behind the paper so your writing can stay neat and organized.
2. It comes with a blotter page as the first page in the pad.
The only 'issue' you may have with it is who you are sending a letter to. If they are rough with paper, it is very thin, so your recipient may end up tearing it if they are not careful.
It does an excellent job at bringing out colors, halos, and sheen in many inks, so you may be surprised when your favorite blue comes out looking almost purple or redish.

Larry Berrones Nov 20th 2017

Tomoe River Paper

The best paper around, I use it for all my Pen Pales letters. This is my #1 choice.

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