TWSBI Draco Fountain Pen Limited Edition

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The TWSBI Draco fountain pen features a piston ink-filling mechanism, and stainless steel #5 nib in several nib sizes. The gorgeous burgundy and black marbled resin and rose gold plated trim makes this a very striking looking pen! Limited Edition of 3000.

The TWSBI Draco piston ink-filling system uses only bottled ink and while the cap will fit to post on the barrel, TWSBI does not recommend doing that to avoid possibly scratching the barrel.


** Please note that pens with scratched barrels from posting will not be accepted for returns. **


2 Reviews

Zac Apr 30, 2021

Same great Twsbi!!! Triple the price.....

I must say I was so excited to receive this pen and when I open up the box it was extremely beautiful. Unfortunately when I took the pen out of the box and opened it up for the first time and noticed the very scratchy metal threads that unfortunately do cross thread most of the time making for a very cheap feel. Also the body is very flimsy feeling and does flex some. Also the ink window has a weird seam going through it which makes the pen feel even cheaper. On top of all that you get the exact same nib you get on the Twsbi diamond 580s or even the Twsbi ecos which are absolutely fine nibs but when you spend four times the price you do expect more quality. I was really excited because I figured Twsbi was trying to sell a more high-end pen and it just doesn't live up to it. For 70 or $80 I would be completely happy with this pen but for the price they want it's really just a complete disappointment.

Peter Belsey Apr 19, 2021

TWSB1 fountain pen

A man sized pen! Exactly as pictured in the advertisement. Writes extremely well ( fine nib) .I doubt the need for an extra fine nib.I have been extremely impressed with the quality and finish.I have no hesitation in recommending this pen.Well worth the price.

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