TWSBI Mini Fountain Pen - Clear

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The idea behind the TWSBI Mini fountain pen was to go back to basics and capture the simplicity and elegance of traditional writing instruments. The Mini is a classically styled fountain pen with a piston ink-filling system, smooth-writing steel nib and a screw-on cap. The traditional mechanism of the fountain pen, combined with a modern industrial design, embodies both the past and the present. This pen runs smaller in length than the Diamond 580 or the Classic model of pens. The cap does post, by screwing on the cap onto the barrel.

The TWSBI Mini piston ink-filling system uses only bottled ink and the clear body allows the user to view the level of ink remaining in the pen at all times. The TWSBI Mini fountain pen has all detachable parts, as TWSBI felt that it was important to allow the user to disassemble and reassemble the pen to completely experience the traditional aspects of owning and using a fountain pen.

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3 Reviews

AxiomKnitter May 29th 2018

Best Lil' Mini Fountain Pen Ever...

We, as a family, have fell in love with TWISB, and the fact you can get all the quality of the big Diamond TWISB in a tiny little package is too fun to deny yourself. We are all collecting the different TWSBI pens. This one was bought for our daughters birthday and she hasn't put it down since inking it!!! Now, I need one!!! A mini that is, my TWSBI Diamond 580 is a staple for me with it's even flow, stable starts and beautiful design!

Kiwi Nov 20th 2017

TWSBI is pretty amazing!

This was my second TWSBi Mini series, I have an another one in White with Rose Gold. I prefer finer nibs but fine nib can be scratchy sometimes, however TWSBI has very smooth nib even with extra fine! The body size is perfect for my small hand and it's well made. I love its filling mechanism as well. So easy to use and very pretty. Packaging of this pen is also very nice for gift, but I am not giving my pen to anyone! I bought 580 in Tri color ( Red, blue and Clear) because I love my TWSBI pens so much! Highly recommended!!!

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