Visconti Mirage Fountain Pen - Aqua


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Fountain Pen
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The Visconti Mirage series was launched to celebrate the Visconti 30th anniversary. The Visconti Mirage fountain pen shown here in Aqua, features a new body design with hollowed grooves down the length of the barrel and cap, and a smooth-writing steel nib. The vegetal resin in swirly blue is accented by the palladium trim, and the the section of the pen is the same material, giving the entire length of the pen a seamless look.

The Mirage pen also introduces two important innovations for the Visconti production: a newly designed clip, that accentuates the three-dimensionality of the pen, and My Pen System has been relocated to the bottom of the body, in order to leave the style of the clip in a full view, which visually cuts the cap with its metal structure.

The Visconti Mirage fountain pen comes packaged with a converter for use with bottled ink, and also accepts standard international short cartridges.

Don't forget to customize your Visconti pen with the "My Pen System". Just include your first and last initials in the comments box, with a request for My Pen System Inserts.

Some nib options may take 7 - 10 days to ship.