Wahl-Eversharp Decoband Rosewood Ebonite Fountain Pen

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The Wahl-Eversharp Oversized Decoband pneumatic filling pen with Superflex nib and 2 ml ink capacity sets a new standard for beauty and elegance by recapturing the classic design first introduced in 1929, only bigger and better! The pen is constructed using the finest materials available. The pen body and cap material is beautiful Rosewood Ebonite, all exterior metal is heavily gold plated and the internal pneumatic mechanism is brass.

14kt nib is Superflex and can go from Fine to Double Broad with light pressure. The feed is coated in stunning red urushi lacquer. The pen fills via Chilton style pneumatic one-touch mechanism. Unscrew the filling mechanism and pull the pneumatic tube out from the back of the pen, place your finger over the hole and push down to fill, releasing your finger at the bottom of the stroke.

6 Reviews

Imran Rizwi May 25th 2018

Thank you!

"I wanted to thank Dave & the Anderson pens team for the excellent service, care, regular updates,feedback, and safe delivery of my above mentioned Wahl-Eversharp fountain pen. A truly magnificent FP; great craftsmanship, and writes superbly. Can’t believe I managed to acquire this with the kind efficient help of Dave & team.
It’s great to see good service, support & help from a wonderful company.
Many Thanks again.
Best wishes."

AARON BLACK May 25th 2018

Beautiful Pen, Bad experience at Anderson

"I received my Rosewood Decoband with a black feed instead of the iconic red (which was one of the things I loved most about the pen). I immediately called Anderson and they said it was a Wahl-Eversharp warranty issue. So, I immediately called Wahl-Eversharp and they said it wasn't a warranty issue and that it was Anderson Pens' responsibility to make it right. However, because they didn't want me to have a bad taste in my mouth, they said I could pay to ship it to them and they would swap out the feed.

I'm sorry, but when you spend $850 on a pen, you don't expect this kind of hassle. Huge let down. I would buy from Wahl-Eeversharp again, but not Anderson."

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