Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Classic Fountain Pen - Verdigris

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The new Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Classic Fountain Pen in Verdigris Plexi-Resin with a rhodium plated cap and trim features a ceramic coated rhodium plated stainless steel semi-flex fine/medium nib. The pen fills via included converter, and also takes standard international cartridges in both the short and long sizes. The Skyline Classic fountain pen comes packaged in a black lacquer piano box and crystal sleeve that houses the pen.

Many authorities consider the design of the SKYLINE Pen to be among the timeless icons of the 20th Century. Collectors and writers still seek out the surviving examples of this pen today, 66 years after production ceased. In order to remain true to the concept and design of the original Skyline model, the modern pens are manufactured to such exact specifications that many of the parts on the modern pens will fit on vintage Skyline pens.

3 Reviews

Steve Medlar Jun 18th 2018

Wahl-Eversharp Skyline Classic Fountain Pen

Excellent pen. Writes beautifully with perfect ink flow. I do my own nib adjusting and this pen was perfect out of the box. The nib is semi-flexible and line variation is easy. I routinely use this new pen alongside a vintage skyline made in the year I was born, 1942. I highly recommend the skyline series. They are well made and worth the price.

Melissa Fiori May 24th 2018

I love this pen more with each passing day

I probably have 10 "favorite" pens in my collection, but this one is top 2 or 3. I love the colors: the upscale-looking Verdigris barrel pairs perfectly with the SS cap for a classic, 20th-century-throwback look. The barrel is light in contrast with the pen cap. I would not write without my cap posted; the pen would be too light. I would almost call this the single design flaw in the new plastic-barrel Skylines. HOWEVER, the fabulous, flexy, butter-soft F/M nib on this pen would make up for any and all shortcomings. Really, this is my No. 1 favorite nib. It moves across the page like a dream. I am able to pull off huge variations in line thickness; the finished product looks like it's been done with a calligraphy pen. I have to add here that I am a medium nib fanatic, but I would still recommend this pen (which only comes in the combined F/M option) to anyone. IMO, the Wahl-Eversharp Skyline is the Rolls Royce of the classic fountain pen world, but at a Buick price.

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